Ignacio Hernando De Larramendi

Ignacio Hernando De Larramendi

Lawyer, businessman, cultural patron, essayist and writer, Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi y Montiano, better known professionally as Ignacio Larramendi, was a renowned businessman whose work between 1955 and 1990, the year of his retirement, transformed MAPFRE , a small mutual bankruptcy insurance when he took over it, in one of the largest Spanish companies with a large international presence.

Firm promoter of culture in general and of Spanish in particular, created institutions and companies and carried out ambitious projects from them; he always knew how to surround himself with people who were very suitable for each of them.

In The Hundred Spanish Entrepreneurs of the 20th Century it is read: “In his actions and writings Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi has always emphasized the sense of corporate social responsibility. This is one of the most outstanding aspects of his business thinking that expresses as follows: “The company is not only obliged to provide its own service efficiently, but is subject to institutional obligations derived from its influence on social life and its participation in national heritage ”. One of his greatest contributions in this regard has been the foundations linked to the business group he has led: Fundación MAPFRE (1975), Fundación Cultural MAPFRE Vida (1988), Fundación MAPFRE América (1988), Fundación MAPFRE Estudios (1989) and Fundación MAPFRE Medicine (1989) ”.

He also created, in 1986, this Foundation that now bears his name. He directed his interest in the Ignacio Larramendi Foundation towards the preservation and dissemination of the Spanish, Latin American, Portuguese and Brazilian cultural and intellectual heritage, without forgetting its roots and influences. Again, he combined his interest in culture with his interest in the latest technological innovations, always thinking of creating synergies that would benefit the achievement of his objectives, so that at a time when new technologies were still underdeveloped in Spain, he created the company DIGIBÍSto control the digitization and editing processes, as well as the updating of international protocols that will ensure the actual dissemination of the work that will be carried out, generally together with other institutions.

The Biographical Dictionary of the Royal Academy of History , founded by his ancestor, Agustín Montiano , dedicates one of its entries, both in print and digital editions, to the life and work of Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi y Montiano. Read the entry “Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi” in the Bibliographic Dictionary. His father Luis Hernando de Larramendi Ruiz also has his own entry in the dictionary: read the entry “Luis Hernando de Larramendi Ruiz” in the Bibliographic Dictionary .

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