Many Avenues to Studying Abroad in Spain for Young Soccer Players

Many Avenues to Studying Abroad in Spain for Young Soccer Players

Many children dream of reaching the first division, but there are sacrifices to be a professional footballer and the road to success is rarely easy, there are always potholes and problems that get in the way.

It is natural for a young child to want to pursue their dreams, even at an early age they begin to imagine what they want to be when they grow up. These ambitions often involve jobs that may seem impractical and fanciful to adults.

It is very common for a boy or girl to comment when they are young that they want to be a soccer player, but how many parents take these wishes seriously and help their children achieve their dreams? And when a father does not indulge his children’s wishes, what are the consequences for everyone involved?

Of course, it is important to remember that everyone should always do what they think is best for their children, there is no golden rule when it comes to deciding which path is better, but if you think they can achieve their dream, it is important to know how to involve them. to make it. Also one of the possibilities to become a professional is to go to a soccer academy , where training sessions are of great intensity and young people learn from experienced soccer training technicians.

Definition of professional footballer

The first thing to keep in mind is that very few children will make it to the highest level. The elite players who compete in the first European divisions constitute a very small sample of what can be considered a professional footballer .

Outside of the upper echelons of soccer, there are many levels in professional sports and thousands of players from all over the world make a decent living out of this profession. However, most of these players do not become rich or famous, and many will have to pursue another profession once their days as a player are over.

It is important for you to understand that pursuing a career in soccer does not always translate into fame and fortune . There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and striving to be the best, but if the only motivation is to be a well-known public figure and have a large bank account, the disappointment can be great.

What are the sacrifices to be a professional soccer player?

Time , money and hard work ! These are the three main premises that every boy or girl must take into account if they want to become a professional soccer player.

The sacrifices to be a professional soccer player can be many, but not only for children. Parents will have to give up TIME , invest MONEY and support their children while they pursue their dreams. They too will have to make some tough decisions and advise their parents at certain times.

Children will also have to give up much of their free time and dedicate themselves to following a strict training schedule necessary to be successful. After all, becoming a professional footballer requires a lot of work and effort from everyone involved. Friends and family of the best-known best players will tell stories about how he was always the last player to leave training camp, or how they stayed for hours after training to work on a particular aspect of his game.

Dealing with rejection

Soccer can be a ruthless business , so children and parents must be prepared to suffer blows to the back. Many young players are released by clubs at an age when rejection can be difficult to take. How does a player deal with this type of situation?

It is imperative that children understand that rejection or criticism does not mean the end of their career. For many players, it just means there is another obstacle to overcome or they may need to follow a different path to success.


Even when things are going well, a young player’s career can be quickly cut short or even end due to injury or illness . It does not matter the physical form and the health of the child, because there is always the possibility that they will have to face spending days, weeks or months out of action. These can be difficult times, especially for a young player starting his professional career.

Again, parents and children should be aware of all eventualities, including the possibility of injury to children . Parents must be prepared to support their children during these difficult times, and young footballers will be determined to resume their careers on their own.

Different lifestyle from others

If you ask any professional athlete about their youth, most of them will tell you a very different story from the normal life of a young boy or girl. The path to try to become a professional can be nice, but surely you have to put aside certain experiences and modify your lifestyle, very different from that of friends in the nearby circle. They can go out together on the weekends, but athletes must rest to face the competition in the best possible way. The afternoons at the companions’ house will become hard workouts, and combining studies with sports will be difficult but possible, the desire and the sacrifice will mark the real objectives of each one.

Despite this lifestyle, there are more benefits than sacrifices to be a professional athlete, being able to live from what you are most passionate about will help you forget the bad moments and those situations in which the desire to abandon everything appears. The balance is the key to controlling find the evidence to be faced every day, and we can not forget the great people and friends thanks are known to sport, which together with the family will be great support to reach the top.

Don’t give up and fight for your illusion!

Evaluate the possibilities of being a professional soccer player with this tool!

In order to help young people want to live from soccer in the future , at Ertheo we have created a fun tool to calculate the possibilities of becoming a professional soccer player . Try it and check the result, maybe it will motivate you to keep fighting and enjoy soccer even more.


Calculating the probability of success in any sport is not a science that can be measured accurately, but we have gathered a large amount of verified data to create a fun and reliable tool to know the possibilities of being professional footballers .

Based on the number of federated players in Spain and the number of those footballers who make a living from this sport in any category, our team has created a formula to provide basic odds to anyone who wants to try the tool. To write the questions and calculate the results we have had the help of a group of coaches experienced in the training of footballers, in addition to taking into account the age of the player and his current level of sport.

Talent is important to reach the elite, but work and sacrifice to be a professional soccer player should always be the premises for anyone who wants to dedicate his life to sports.

Thinking of sending your son to a soccer academy for a year?

To be a professional soccer player you have to learn with the best and excel every day, motivations that you can find in a high-performance soccer academy . All the schools that we offer in Ertheo have high-intensity professional training, mainly aimed at players who play in teams in their countries and train for several hours a week, in addition to usually playing matches. Here you can see the football academies that players who want to get a plus in their football career can go to :

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