The Ole! Factor – Your Passion For Life

The Ole! Factor – Your Passion For Life

Ending monotony, taking the relationship to another level and understanding the sexual encounter perfectly, are some of the advantages that you will have with these applications.

Applications for mobile devices are useful at any time in your life, even to encourage sexual desire with your partner.

That is why today we bring you the top of the 9 best apps for you to have fun, enjoy and try new things at the time of sexual encounter.

1. Kindu:  This tool is especially aimed at couples who want to know each other’s sexual tastes and fantasies and see what games and fetishes they can experience together. The app asks more than 600 intimate questions that both lovers answer separately, and then shows the answers that both match. In this way, you will know what your partner is willing to do in bed (or outside of it). It is a great idea!

2. Sex Facts: This application throws you data and useful information about sex, using words like penis or vagina in an educational tone. The idea is that the more information you have, the better. Some data is not so exact or may be a bit exaggerated, but in general the information it provides is quite useful.

3. iKamasutra: Includes 30 positions, descriptions of how to wear, nine categories, relaxing instrumental music and password protection so that nobody knows what is going on in your sex life. In addition, it keeps track of your progress, you level up, it has degrees of difficulty and if you move the phone the app chooses a random position.

Its paid version includes 80 more positions, a follow-up of the places where you have made love, allows you to analyze and indicate which is your perfect position and incorporates lists of songs, favorite positions, achievements, etc.

4. Sexulator: This application works like a sex calculator because it allows you to keep records of the times you have had sex with your partner.

5. Desire: Desire is a fun way to challenge your partner and make the temperature and passion of your relationship rise. Desire is a perfect game for new couples and for those who have been together for a long time.

This set of games for couples has been mentioned in the newspaper El País and in the magazine Glamor as an app to enjoy with your partner. It’s free and it’s fun. It is a real game, to increase the passion between the two!

Some of the things you can do with the App:

♥ Challenge your partner. Choose from hundreds of challenges to send to your partner.

♥ Choose and submit your favorite challenges from the predefined categories, including: Feelings of love, Roles and fantasy, Wardrobe, Risk of being seen, Kamasutra and many more.

♥ Wait to know if your partner accepts the challenge. If he accepts, it’s up to you to complete it before the countdown is over and go for the next challenge.

♥ If you feel creative, you can also write the challenges yourself! Now that Valentine’s Day is coming, for example, you can write a challenge about it to your partner.

♥ Every time you complete challenges, you earn points that will allow you to level up and unlock more spicy challenges.

6. Play With Me: In this application you will find 474 well-chosen facts about sex. Did you know, for example, that rats in general can fuck up to 20 a day?
It is about seeing who knows more about sex through 474 questions. It is not strictly sexual, but it is interesting.
7. Sex roulette: This is the traditional roulette game, but adapted to sex. It is very simple, it only consists of turning the roulette with the finger and she will choose 12 positions and 12 places for you. It comes with instructions that tell you how to do it.

8. The dice of sex:  This app is simple but hilarious. It is about rolling the dice and doing each of the actions that the game indicates. How about ?, What do you encourage to try it?

9. Sexual Compatibility Test: Sexual  compatibility is more than a couple’s ability to have fantastic sex, it involves emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical factors, and it goes beyond bed. It’s important all day!
At one point you feel super close to your partner and at another not, but that does not mean that our connection is over. Would you like to know how compatible you are with your partner? Take a few minutes to answer this test, maybe you will be surprised and learn some tricks to increase passion.

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