Want An Exotic Holiday In Spain? Explore Ibiza’s Es Cana

Want An Exotic Holiday In Spain? Explore Ibiza’s Es Cana

We are at that time of year, when we spend all day at work daydreaming, looking out the window watching the time go by, thinking about escaping from the routine of the day and going on vacation to a paradise island. But do not settle for dreaming, take action.

It is the perfect time of year to get a vacation to Ibiza. So, if you are dreaming of a  2018 summer in Ibiza,  but you are not sure if it is the best destination for you, this article on the main reasons to visit Ibiza will help you.

Reasons to visit Ibiza in 2018:

1. Awaken your senses with the wide range of  restaurants in Ibiza .  Ibiza is one of the best places to eat and drink. Whatever you are looking for (traditional Balearic food, fresh fish from the area or exotic food from all over the world) there is a place where you can eat it. Summer 2018 in Ibiza is loaded with food with which to throw overboard the long-suffering bikini operation.

2. Enjoy the beach party. Ibiza’s beaches are known throughout the world for their crystal clear waters and soft sand. But they are also known for the party they have at some of the beaches such as Playa d’en Bossa and its Bora Bora Beach club.

3. Disconnect in the sun. With a guaranteed hot climate throughout the summer, and regular temperatures throughout the rest of the year, there is no better place if you are looking for a sunny climate in which to get tan. Visit the beaches of Ibiza and you will not want to return.

4. Be one with the island. Health trips to Ibiza are booming and the island is one of the most popular destinations for wellness culture  . Practice yoga on the beaches of Ibiza, go hiking in the mountains or escape a few days to a spa. Find your inner peace and feel zen for your body. Are there better reasons to visit Ibiza?

5. Hi Ibiza. The new Ushuaïa Entertainment club located in Playa d’en Bossa, the party capital of Ibiza, is a key point of entertainment and music in Ibiza. From the great artists to the most promising DJs, Hi Ibiza has the best names in the music industry this summer 2018 in Ibiza.

6. Join the revolution. Ibiza was founded by a hippie movement that completely changed the island. Immerse yourself in hippie life   by strolling through its markets and shopping for organic and eco-friendly items. If you want to get a cheap vacation to Ibiza and immerse yourself in the culture of the island, this is your best option.

7. Visit Es Vedra. This island has been sighted by UFOs, mermaids and ghosts. Some even believe that this island is next to an ancient civilization sunk in the sea. If you are not interested in these aspects, you can always enjoy its spectacular views.

8. Moonlight parties on the beaches. If New York is said to be the city that never sleeps, Ibiza has earned the name of the island that never sleeps. If you like parties by the campfire, have cocktails at night and dance under the stars on the beach, then you should visit the beaches of Ibiza this summer.

9. The opening parties of the clubs. Most vacation destinations have a spectacular summer season and a quiet winter period, but no place in the world has a season opening like the one Ibiza has. We have an incredible program of musical events for you to start a year of fun with your friends. What are you waiting for to start summer 2018 in Ibiza?

10. Club closing parties. If you thought that the opening parties were the best, it is that you have not seen anything. Visit Ibiza in 2018 for the season closing party and you will live experiences that you could not have imagined even in your dreams. Go to Amnesia or Pachá to experience one of the great events, and, in what you expect between the opening and closing parties, enjoy the best boat parties.

11. Sant Antoni. If you had to summarize in four words the biggest resort in the whole north west of Ibiza they would be: Fun in the sun.

12. Have fun on a yacht. If you are looking for a fabulous and stylish week, why not try the famous yacht parties? You will have a great time in the Mediterranean, where cocktails do not end and the sun always shines.

13. Put on your adventurer hat and explore the ancient caves. Ibiza is full of incredible hidden spaces where you can explore the caves that smugglers and pirates used in the past. Visit Ibiza this summer and look for the hidden treasures in these quiet, but at the same time wonderful, caves.

14. Stay active this summer. One of the reasons to visit Ibiza this summer is to immerse yourself in our wonderful world of adventure. We have the best water sports in the world, such as paddle boarding, snorkelling, Cliff diving, ski jet packs … 

15. The city of Ibiza. Explore this ancient settlement in the heart of the island in just one afternoon. Unlike other capitals, the city of Ibiza may be small, but it certainly has a lot of charm, beauty and a lot of things to do. Visit the castle, the old fortress and the marina.

16. The incredible sunsets. If you are lucky enough to be in Ibiza this summer 2018, be sure to look west when the sun dips into the sea. When the sky is clear and there are no boats in the sea, the sunsets on the beaches of Ibiza are one of the most magical things in the world.

17. Party at DC-10, the home of Ibiza’s musical culture.

Located in an old hangar at the end of an airstrip, DC-10 is a club that offers an experience that no music lover should miss. If you are passionate about music, underground clubs and light shows, this is truly one of the reasons to visit Ibiza.

18. Because it is Ibiza. There is no island that looks like Ibiza in the whole world, so if you are looking for an incredible vacation come visit us to add to this list of reasons to visit Ibiza.

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